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Resumen biográfico In addition to the genetically determined skin type, external environmental influences play an important role in the appearance of the male skin.
In winter, even the relatively hard-wearing men's skin is drying up quickly and requires increased moisture. At low temperatures best shampoo for dermatitis, creams that are low in fat are good, but they must be moist. In order to protect the skin in general, both men and women should avoid extreme temperature fluctuations.

In addition to natural influences, living conditions and lifestyle are clearly reflected in the man's skin: if, for example, it does not reach a sufficiently deep and firm sleep, the skin also looks tired, pale and limp. Many stress-stricken people complain about an unclean and unclean appearance. Drugs such as alcohol or nicotine also intensify this effect. Ultimately, surely an unhealthy and one-sided diet is often a reason for bad skin in men.

To combat it, you should adjust your lifestyle. Drugs and unhealthy diets are covered, in addition should be sufficient exercise or even better sports come. A golden rule for beautiful skin has been for thousands of years: drink enough clear water!

Negative influences on your skin - at a glance!

    extreme heat fluctuations
    direct sun exposure
    way of life
    little sleep
    Drug use (alcohol, nicotine and others)
    poor, unbalanced diet
    little movement / sports
    not enough water

How do you properly use your face as a man?

Meanwhile, men like to use skin care products because of the previous facts. There are now many creams and products of various kinds. As already mentioned in the introduction, it is particularly important that the right skin cream is used. For this treatment of seborrheic dermatitis, one's own type of skin must be known: Does your own skin tend to dry out or is it rather often greasy?

In any case, it is good when the skin is cleaned around face periodically. Only in this way can uncleanings of everyday life be washed away and skin problems do not arise cure seborrheic dermatitis. The simple washing is complemented by a product of your choice. In principle, care must be taken that the lotion used contains no or only very few additives.

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