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Resumen biográfico Face care is woman's thing? False thought: More and more, studies are pointing to the increasing proportion of men who are not keen to dispense with all-round facial care. Three to four times a week, almost 20% of men pay attention hair loss from seborrheic dermatitis to a clean facial, almost 15% care their face at least every two days. Additional products that go beyond ordinary skin care are also used by every fifth man. Reason enough, therefore, to look more closely at this trend towards facial care for men: In our blog article we provide you with the most important facts about the facial care for men!

What type of skin are you?

Before buying skincare products, you should definitely find out which type of skin you are wearing. A distinction is made between particularly greasy, normal and dry skin. Added to this is often the category Mischhaut. Depending on the type of skin, the facial care has to be adjusted: If your own skin is already naturally provided  treatment of seborrheic keratosis with fat, naturally no fatty cream has to be used. In the other case dry skin, especially in winter, should be supplied with sufficient moisture and fat.

Basically it is known that men, in contrast to women tend to tend to dry skin. The latter require fatty creams, men usually use moisturizing agents. For this, the skin of the woman is more vulnerable to external influences, the male skin seems to be more robust. hair loss from seborrheic dermatitis This is ensured by the many sebaceous glands of the men's skin for faster skin contamination.

Your skin type - At a glance!

    Please choose your personal skin type before choosing a product
    Differences in greasy, normal or dry skin
    for oily skin: cleansing cream
    for dry skin: moisturizing and fatty cream
    Men tend to dry skin
    Skin contamination by high number of sebaceous glands

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