The RSPO Certification Process by Control Union World Group

  • Diego Pierrend
Palabras clave: aceite de palma, certificación, control de calidad, desarrollo sostenible, biodegradabilidad, Peterson Control Union, PCU


Control Union is an international group which is a member of the Dutch holding company Control Union World Group, which specializes in certification, inspection, and supervision and which guarantees control. It has a direct presence in more than eighty countries across five contienents, and its activities are related to the certification and inspection of agricultural, fishing and forestry products, derived from methods of organic production or from good agricultural, fishing or forestry practices. It produced its first audit report for the first RSPO certification of the Malaysian company United Plantations in September of last year, and is currently in the process of revising its RSPO audits for one Indonesian and two Malaysian companies. In Colombia, it is currently inspecting C.I. Tequendama of the Daabon Group, and C.I. Famar has recently undergone a pre-evaluation.


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